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Book cover 'Achilles’ Shield Decoded | The key to Homer’s Odyssey and the Trojan War by Henk van Oosten'

Achilles' Shield Decoded

For centuries people have tried to find Troy and Ithaca, to uncover evidence of the Trojan War, and to map Odysseus’ meandering journey. There is much speculation but no definitive proof. Many say it was all a figment of Homer’s imagination. 

Taking an approach used successfully in innovation projects, the author Henk van Oosten, decided to analyse a key feature of Homer’s tales – Achilles’ shield – in a radically new way. He began by asking: why is the making of this shield described in such great detail? What is hidden in these details? The result was a startling breakthrough: 

Achilles’ shield is not simply a decorated weapon, but a source of information. 

The details on the shield shed new light on famous events in Homer’s poems, including the motives for the Trojan War, and the celestial navigation described in the Odyssey. This ultimately leads to the discovery of Troy and Ithaca – in a completely different part of the world.

Dr. Henk van Oosten graduated from Wageningen University, the Netherlands, and worked in applied agro-research and innovation consultancy. He instigated radical innovation through connecting different disciplines, creating sweeping narratives, and changing perceptions.

Achilles’ Shield Decoded

The key to Homer’s Odyssey and the Trojan War

Edited by Fiona Cameron Lister

@ 2021 - Henk van Oosten

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ISBN: 978-1-304-14069-2

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